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How my celtic caring connection gave me the motivation for Mocare

Growing up in an irish catholic household, it went without saying that a sense a humour and a caring nature was naturally instilled in all of us. (As well as boiled potatoes and cabbage of course!) Times were hard….


At the age of four, my grandfather died which meant my grandmother had to emigrate and live with us, swopping the rugged beauty of County Mayo for the industrial cotton mill town of Burnley. Looking back I realise how difficult it must have been for her, suffering the loss of her husband, mourning the loss of her home, her friends, and her country where she had lived all her life.


My mother’s life changed dramatically as well, as she tried to balance the competing demands of raising a young family and becoming a full time carer overnight. It was the 1970’s and in those days there was no support form carers.

This early experience of caring within my own family had an impact on my career path and was my inspiration for Mocare. Having worked initially in mental health and learning disabilities, I trained to be a social worker and an RNLD nurse. Over the years I reflected on my own experiences and treated everyone I cared for as though they were a member of my own family.

Latterly as a social work manager I wrestled with my conscience and ethics, as the pressure of budget cuts seemed to be the bulk of my work. I felt I could not comprise on my values and wanted to help families just like my own, so I made a huge decision and decided to leave my job at the Lancashire County Council.


I politely declined a jokey offer of a food parcel from my manager. I was confident that if I treated people with the dignity they deserve, I would have a recipe for success with Mocare. I loved the concept of being in control of who helps them and when.

At Mocare, people are matched to a consistent member of staff which whom they can build a relationship. They can be confident that when they pay for an hours support, they actually receive it! And as a social worker I guess that I can provide that little bit extra for those who need support but don’t want the bureaucracy of dealing with social services.



Please get in touch if you know of someone who needs my support.

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"Maureen O’Hara is a social worker with 19 years of experience working in the community with vulnerable people. She has an RNLD qualification and a  Master’s Degree in Learning Disability Studies from the University of Salford. She has personal experience of caring within her own family and has fought hard to gain services for them."