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Aims and objectives of Mocare The aim of Mocare is to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people by providing a safe, flexible, responsive, person centred approach to care. We strive to promote independence and empower individuals who require support within their own homes, by valuing their contribution, respecting their individuality and ultimately improving their quality of life.
We achieve this by the following objectives and the strong ethical value base underpinning the service. We provide quality homecare in Burnley, Nelson, Barrowford, Colne and Padiham areas. Objectives:
INTEGRITY- We pride ourselves on our honesty and strong moral principles.
NON JUDGEMENTAL - We respect each of our clients equally and treat everyone with the upmost respect. DIGNITY- Our aim is a zero tolerance of abuse and we ensure dignity and respect is at the heart of everything we do for people
EMPOWERMENT- We actively empower people to make their own decisions and choices and encourage them to assert their views.
PERSON CENTRED- We value people as individuals, focusing on their unique qualities, abilities, preferences and needs. EMPATHY- Mocare was born out of personal experience, so we understand both the needs of family carers and the difficulties that losing independence can bring.
NEEDS LED- We tailor the service to fit around the individual and their needs, rather than expecting clients to fit into the service. If you require support at a certain time, you will receive it at that time. DEDICATED- We are wholly committed to providing a quality service as we believe that people ‘deserve more' from a care company.
ETHICAL- The inspiration for setting up Mocare was out of a genuine desire to help people. We are an ethical company that strives to recognise the value in people and promote their well-being and autonomy. NON- DISCRIMINATORY- We aim to provide a service for all that is fair and unbiased.
CHOICE- We ensure that individuals are given choice and control about how and when they are supported. Their personal preferences are considered and they are provided with information and advice so that they can make informed decisions about the care they are receiving. ENABLING- We strive to provide individuals with just the right balance of support, so that they do not feel inadequate or deskilled by the support provided and continue to maintain their independence.
Our ultimate aim is to maintain your independence.

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"Maureen O’Hara is a social worker with 19 years of experience working in the community with vulnerable people. She has an RNLD qualification and a  Master’s Degree in Learning Disability Studies from the University of Salford. She has personal experience of caring within her own family and has fought hard to gain services for them."